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On Saturday night, Lohan hit up 41 Ocean in Santa Monica, Calif. to watch her new boyfriend, Avi Snow, perform. Snow is in the band City of the Sun and he is also a party promoter on the side. Lohan was photographed drinking Pellegrino, and took to her Facebook page on Sunday to post a video of City of the Sun's performance and to defend her drink choice for the evening. "1) It wasn't a nightclub - 41 Ocean is a members only dining club...and a private event 2) It WAS Pellegrino! and 3) the most important part - the band City of the Sun did any amazing job last night! I took this video for you guys to see ♥ LL" Last Monday night a photo emerged of someone resembling Lohan pulling up in a car to party at AV nightclub, just hours after the actress' day in court. She denied that the photos were of her. cr;yomg
that's a big possibility!
hhh or has already been replaced with vodka!
maybe to wash off the whisky..hahaha
Pellegrino?? really?
i know :( too bad a lot of people are still rooting for her
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