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I vote for the same groups almost everytime I vote for MAMAs! Either the one I'm voting for is at the top or doesn't have a chance looking at the number of votes....but one group I'm really rooting for that isn't winning but has a chance to is....BASTARZ in the Best Subunit category!! That is one catatgory where the votes are all pretty close!!
lol these 3 dorks. BASTARZ is the sub group of Block B and they're awesome~ I do like other groups in this category... but when I look at the whole album by them all, I really really like almost all the songs by BASTARZ <3 Plus I really like these 3 dorks haha
Zero For Conduct is their title song and...damn this song is so hype. The dance is soooo much fun too! If you haven't seen the MV...the MV is crazy lol but I'll link the dance practice cuz its seriously a cool dance
Zero For Conduct Dance Practice (its awesome in case you were wondering) Check out the MV too!
Don't know BASTARZ or Block B? Let me give you a little info about the BASTARZ then! ^^ The 3 members are made up of B-Bomb & Ukwon who already are really in sync with each other (being the only actually dancers in the group) then P.O kind of completes it with his unique voice and rapping!
This is P.O! He's a rapper and he actually wrote one of the songs in the BASTARZ album! He looks really cool right? yeah but he's actually a big ball of adorable dork.
Then we've got the smile representative of Block B, Ukwon! He has a lot of charisma but is also actually a big dork. He's part of the vocal and dance line.
My personal favorite....B-Bomb!! This guy..too much charisma. He's the main/lead dancer and also part of the vocal line.
How did this sub group form? LOL so in an interview they said Block B all drew straws and that's how they picked the members for the sub group. xD Block B really just has their own crazy style of doing things. but this sub group actually turned out to be perfect of all the possibilities that could've happened.
These guys are really awesome. Have great performance, are hilarious off stage, and produce such amazing music! I recommend checking then out! BASTARZ fighting~ I'm really rooting for them to win the one catatgory for the MAMA awards >< I vote everyday haha! Wishing luck to everyone else to for whoever they are voting for! ^^
@heidichiesa same for me! I saw LR from VIXX on there and I was like...awh man how do I choose! but decided BASTARZ deserved it. Zion T & Crush are good too but rooting for BASTARZ!!
I vote for them too! I love block b and bastarz. it was really hard for me though because I like vixx too but in the end I went with block b every time because I think they've come such a long way! plus this song was my anthem for months!!!!