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I just wanted to tell you guys about how I came across k-pop and why GD is my ultimate bias when I have so many other people to choose from! Okay so a few months ago like in June or July, I was watching the react channel on YouTube and I saw they reacted to EXO's Call Me Baby. I was curious so I watched it and since I didn't get to see the full music video I decided to actually look up the MV, I instantly fell in love with the music and totally fell for Baekhyun. After that I wanted more so I watched way more EXO videos and just fell in love with them completely, they were hilarious and adorable. I didn't think anyone could be better than them. I learned their names, quickly learned most of the lyrics to the song and I watched tons of adorable interviews :)
That night after I looked up EXO and fell even harder, I decided to look up an entire playlist of some of the best songs in k-pop and I found one! I started watching and I didn't like some of the songs so I skipped through those, but then I got to We Like To Party which at the time was still new and I liked it a lot so I saved that and moved on and Bang Bang Bang came on and I was extremely weirded out by that one honestly, it was just.. weird and crazy but I loved it for some reason so I thought yeah I could listen to this band, I may not ever choose a favorite member or anything like that but I'd still listen, and that's when I heard him, G-Dragon's voice captured my attention immediately and I fell for it, I had no idea who he was or which member he was at that point cause I didn't want to watch the music video aha, all I knew was that I needed to hear more of that voice, so I went to their channel and went through so many videos trying to find the voice I fell so in love with, and then I got to his video's and I chose the song Black first I think, and I was so happy because that was the voice! That was the voice I fell so hard for! So I decided to go back to the Bang Bang Bang music video and actually watch it and see his face. When I saw his face, this overwhelming feeling of happiness and love just came over me and I couldn't handle it! I fell so hard for his voice and now I know what he looks like, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen and I wanted to learn more about him so for the next few days I looked at facts about him and found myself connecting with him on a deep level. So he became my ultimate bias! The one I loved more than all others!
So throughout the few months I've been into k-pop, I've gotten into a lot of bands and I've gained a lot of confidence and happiness in my life!! I'm extremely thankful to be in this fandom:) my life has gotten so much better thanks to these groups! (my next card will be my full concert story:D )