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who would you choose?
if you could choose any anime character to teach you how to fight who would you choose?i would choose hisoka.cos i love his fighting style and his way of getting in your mind.
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Id choose Kakashi. Cause id be too weak in the end, so being the nice guy he is, would promise to protect me ;)
Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter, definitely. I just finished watching the anime, and I hate to admit it, but if I were to idolize an evil character, it'd be him. intellegent, strong, and crazy.
killua and hisoka because I like them both and they are good at fighting in there own way
In any anime ever? Reborn, he turned Tsuna from a hopeless weakling into the most powerful man on the planet. (Checkerface-sama really isn't a man is he?) anyway, it'll be hard, but if Tsuna can do it, then I can do it with my dying Wil!