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Get the tissues ready, this next card may leave you in tears.
Recently a young student noticed a noticed that his classmate was being bullied for the type of shoes he was wearing. Rather than play the background, the young man took action and addressed the issue head on.

The young man was so moved by the bullying that he begged his mom to help his classmate. He returned to school the next day with a pair of Nike LeBron James shoes and gave them to his friend.

LeBron saw the video and posted it to his Instagram with the caption: "You're going to great places kid for your generosity towards him. True leadership right there! #StriveForGreatness #IPROMISE"

Whenever you need a reminder that their is still good left in the world, just watch this video.

Isn't this the coolest NBA related thing you have seen all day?
This is the greatest thing I've heard all week.
yes it is very cool. that kid brought tears to my eyes
@ButterflyBlu Wait...what?
I would be Delighted to know I raised this young man. *crying*
T_T that's beautiful