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I'm back again here to tell you about my BigBang concert experience!:) Are you ready? Are you sure? Okay here we go
Let's start with the fact I FLEW FOR THE FIRST TIME AND CONQUERED MY FEAR OF HEIGHTS FOR THIS GROUP!!! I had to fly across the country for this concert and it was filled with a lot of firsts, my first plane trip, my first time going across the country, my first time being away from home for three weeks and my first time in Arizona and Las Vegas! Anyways I finally got to Arizona and I had about a week before we left for Vegas so I will skip all that
Fast forward a week to October 2nd! The day of the concert I had been waiting for! It was a 5 hour car ride with my aunt and uncle but it was super fun! We got to Excalibur and I was just amazed okay Vegas is actually pretty magical! I was so intrigued by everything there and I honestly wish I could have stayed longer than a night, but anyways, we still had like 5-6 hours before the concert and we didn't have to line up yet, so we walked around Vegas! My aunt and uncle have been there before so I had some pretty great tour guides, it was so much fun and we went into the really high end mall type place and I saw Tiffany's (Tiffany's is life). The entire time we were exploring I was giving facts about GD and singing BigBang songs! After walking around the strip they decided to show my where we were going for the concert, Mandalay Bay! I didn't realize you could get to Luxor from Excalibur and then get to Mandalay Bay from Luxor so that was pretty awesome! When we walked into the event center place there was a line to pick up tickets and a line to get merchandise ahead of time so I of course wanted my merchandise! So my uncle went and walked around while my aunt and I stayed in line, I ended up spending like $140 on merchandise alone and got the snapback, a t-shirt, a lightstick and some stickers for my cousin who couldn't go! I was more excited to have the lightstick because I didn't want to leave Vegas without one! We met up with my uncle and walked around the casino and saw more BigBang fans which was awesome I met lots of cool people! We then went back to our room to change and get ready for the concert:)
We went to line up at about 5:30 pm and it was awesome just waiting :D We finally got up to get the tickets scanned and everyone working was pretty nice and some laughed at everyone's excitement, I honestly was scared my tickets wouldn't work because I got them from stubhub and I wasn't sure if it would work or not but they did thank god! So we got to our seats after being totally confused and sitting in the wrong seats and the music videos were going and I will tell you that hearing everyone sing Fantastic Baby is the most amazing thing!
then it started and it was the most amazing thing! I started crying as soon as I saw them! I was just so emotional! They sung all my favorite songs and they didn't disappoint! It's definitely an experience with them! The excitement was incredible, the atmosphere was so amazing and better than any concert I've been to, everyone was nice, sweet and was there to have a good time! Everyone certainly did and it was the best experience after it was over I was so upset, I didn't want it to end, I wanted that happiness to stay, I had been having a difficult time being away from home and my friends had just forgotten me so that concert was exactly what I needed and I always look back at the pictures and videos to relive it:) I'm so happy I conquered my fear and made it all the way there to see BigBang and I am so glad I could experience it with my aunt! I hope to go to another k-pop concert someday, maybe even another BigBang concert and maybe I can get closer aha, that night was the best night of my life! I've posted a ton of pictures from that concert so you can go see those:)
jelly for life ㅠ.ㅠ
@Jiyongixoxo It was so exciting! I loved every minute of the adventure
I love this! I almost went to the Vegas show but it was too hard to fly my best friend there from Maryland and myself but I'm soo glad you got to experience all of that flying is my favorite thing ever (even though I'm terrified of heights) lol but I do the same thing I've watched my concert videos a million times and haven't stopped that was my first ever Kpop concert too and I definitely can't wait for them to come back in a few years so I can see them again! I miss them too much haha
I was there too!!! 😊
omg ur so lucky haha
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