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Description Below ******************************************************** Hello Y'all~ Thank God it's MONDAY~! (let's make this our Representative line, alright? LOL) After The DRAMATIC ending of last week 18th episode, we were left Mouth Wide Open at the sight of Usually Classy PRince Charming Jaehyuk, looking like an Azoshi Drunk on the side street of Seoul >< "I LOVE YOU GAYOUNG, U HEARD? I LOVE YOU" He said it in front of All, now He's going to have to take responsabilty, and..Face his Scary Dad Most of All! (Plz Plz Plz Don not Hit Him Again) I can't WAIT to be Typing like Crazy, trying to catch up with the Quick evolution of the scenes, and talk to YOU, Yes You, My Real Fuel & Support To keep it up! So, Let's Say ..'Anyeong' Really Soon? (My friend started this Let's Learn Korean Card, i recommed to you all, Please check it out ^O-) EXCITED >o< PS: Isn't Shin Sekyung Super Cute in the Photo? ***************************************** The episode starts with Gayoung and Youngul in the Car, looking stunned from what happened at the party. They are heading back home. Once They arrive, Youngul can't stop thinking about what Jaeha said to Gayoung..He actually looks..Sorry for Him. He felt He was True to his feeling towards Gayoung. The next day at the little room where Gayoung usually sleeps, all the Chit chat queens of the Factory are gathered, right beside Gayoung, talking on her face about the night's incident! As she can't take it anymore, she leaves the room. Jaehyuk is not having a great morning either. His mom has suggested he should leave the city for some fresh air. As she is insisting on her point, He gets pissed off and leaves Too. On the elevator, he received a text message:" Hello Sir, Can i meet you?" That was Gayoung. At the Bar:" You dont have to tell me. I know, i wont be getting anywhere near you, i won't bother you, i won't.." But Jaehyuk gets suddenly interrupted by Gayoung:" I just wanted to Thank you. This is where we met for the first time. If i hadn't met my Mr perfect, i dont know how things would have turned between. I dont hate you. But...I Love Youngul." "You called me to confess your love for another man?" asks Jaehyuk with a very irritated voice. "No. I just want you Not to remember what happened yesterday, and live your life knowing that since there is no chance for me to love you, please move on with your life." JAehyuk leaves looking like a ghost. He meets YOungul, He again insists on how true his feelings are towards Gayoung, and that he is not giving her up. Youngul loses it for a moment a chucks him! Jaehyuk doesn't even try to fight. How Sad..What a Sad Scene.. Jaehyuk is called by his father. Surprisingly, he's not trying to smack him or anything. But! He has prepared a strategy to bring down Youngul's Business himself, as his son has, according to him, failed to achieve anything! "If you like that girl that much to make a fool out of yourself, how about you use more effective and less..Scandalous ways to bring him down, once and for all. She will , naturally, come running to you." On the other side, Youngul is having a pretty steamed conversation with Youngul:" It feels like you own the world, right? If you are earning that much cash, how about you invest some and look for your father, huh?" Youngul Tries to keep it cook, controls his facial expressions. She continues:" LEt's see how long this will go. I ll be there to clap for your End" She says to end her hate speech. Youngul gives her this Smirk and says:" Bring it on". Later, he enjoys some wine with Anna, and his new Foreign partners. But. Anna found out that he's playing a very dangerous game. He's really betting everything on these people, and could risk to lose it all. Anna tries to bring him back to Sanity. "We only live once right? Nothing is ever for sure. I will take responsability for whatever that comes out of this. You just don't worry". Says Youngul and goes back to his guests. Back at the factory hours after, we hear some car honking. Everyone comes out. OH MY GOD Youngul has yet again brought his latest STRESS SHOPPING item! A convertible car! He takes Gayoung out for a ride somewhere, but i gotta tell you how HOT he looked in that sports Ride XD They arrive to this classy space, where it seems like there is something written on it's wall. "Where are we?" asks Gayoung. "Why don't You look Closely..The wall!" he hints at her. ' Lee Gayoung Boutique ' He bought her a store! OMG!! How much of a crazy love is this?? However, on the contrary of what he had expected, Gayoung's expression is just Blunt. "What the..You dont look Happy at all." he asks her looking himself quite confused. "I truly don't know how i feel about this..Im so taken aback right now" says Gayoung with a huge look of pressure on her. "I just want you to be the one i enjoyed being with at the very begining. You dont have to do such extravagant things for me. Im really Happier just being with you. Living simply." she adds. :You know what? Here is the key, you keep it, you gave it away..WHATEVER THAT YOU WANT, I DONT CARE" he screams at her then leaves. As if the day wasn't bad enough for him, Youngul receives a call from His Aunt. His..DAD IS DEAD. That night, he doesnt say a word during the Funeral, where No one Was there but him and his Aunt. Then, heads to this bar, orders a lot of frinks and calls his closest friend/driver and another Friend from the Factory.Actually, Youngul, being as drunk as he is, he isn't aware of what he's saying to his close friend. The 2 were supposed to cheer him up, but he's treating them like Trash. His friend turned driver can't take him acting up, having no idea about the reason why he's like that. He ends up getting beaten up! Actually, it feels like Youngul was really aiming for it. "Dont LEave!! HIT ME MORE! JUST FINISH ME!" Youngul is crying now. Back home, he finds Gayoung. She is waiting for him to tell him something. She returns the Boutique keys to him.Now he's truly breaking down! "Why dont you get my heart? Just keep that for God Sake? Why do i have to try so hard with you? and yet nothing is good enough, you always find a way to correct things, tell me im not acting straight..Just understand me for once and Stop being so HARD" He finally empties all that he had hidden inside him! The next morning, Anna comes visit home and is shocked of course at the sight of Youngul's Face. Without asking much, she goes cooking for him. "I ve got so much to thank you for. Always standing by, no matter how shitty i treat you at times..Thanks" Says Youngul suddenly, Softing up once again. (The way to a man's heart..-_- LOL) Later, Anna meets Jaehyuk. They seem to be having a much healthier relationship now. BUT! She does what's unbelievable! She spits some of the compagny's secret! On purpose or Not, JAehyuk is boiling over to know that Youngul's compagny is in partnership with this Foreign Compagny, His compagny is now definelty losing it all. Oh No. Jaehyuk is facing the Rage of Mr 'Never being to an anger Management' aka his dad. He's beating him up, hitting with the files! JAehyuk begs him for another chance. He even shamely gets on his knees! It's such a low moment for Jaehyuk. After all this Drama, he goes for a ride. Suddenly he stops the car! He saw Gayoung! Gayoung is actually at the store she refused to take from Youngul. She's having second thoughts! Jaehyuk follows her inside. "Oh? JAehyuk what are you doing here?" she asks him looking stunned! JAehyuk suddenly notices her name as the Store's owner. His imagination goes very far:" So..was this all part of the plan? Just forget me, huh? You got what you wanted at last from one of the sides!" Says JAehyuk, being extremely hurtful with his accusations. He Suddenly gives her a Tight hug, and doesn't let go, then whispers:" I promise you that i Will Totally have you erased from My life and Memory. Look forward To it" That was both Chocking mad ..Scary..Especially from someone who was madly in love with her just moments Ago. END - More Quality photos will be added soon in different Cards. They will be About the Highlight Scenes! **********************************
@sheilaestur I KNOW ITS ALREADY THE END AND IM DYING TO KNOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN! @pandcakes No no preview OF COURSE they had to torture us for a whole 24h LOL
@kuromilove this is the Party for korean lessons! There re a few irrelevant posts, because some users just randomely tag 'learn korean' SIGH i dunno why >O< anyway, just go for the Cards posted by Maha ^^
Thank you for the updates Lina! By any chance did they show a preview?
what could be the ending to this drama...
Thanks Ienjoyed reading your card! I hope young gul don't end with empty hands (losing all) he is acting like a superficial cold heart. Can you post the link to your friend learn korean card please? ♥ from Puerto Rico.
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