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A substitute teacher used a unique method to relate to the students and get them to interact in the classroom and it may cost the teacher her job.
According to ABC, the teacher is under fire after teaching sixth graders at Fiske Elementary about controversial local rapper Chief Keef. Parents say the material is inappropriate.
A spokeswoman for Chicago Public Schools said Tuesday was the teacher's last day. She was teaching music class.
"If you were a sub, you were supposed to take on whatever assignment the regular teacher was given, not what you wanted to give them," says Fiske parent Shawnta Powell.
"With this assignment you're basically teaching children, ok, well you can go out there and get you some guns," says parent Katrina Sanders.

Probably best the sub listens to "Faneto" on her down time and leaves Sosa out of the classroom.

this is bullsit its like saying video games make people violent
@ButterflyBlu i agree 100% with ya
Wow. One of the 1,000,000,000,000 reasons I homeschool. You have a teacher who actually gives a damn about connecting...and you fire her. Smh. STUPID.