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This is for the challenge that @VinMcCarthy is hosting so check him out if you want to participate also!
The person I want as my IRL significant other my bae Hinata Hyuga 3 She's shy and timid like me but stands up for what she believes in! She's so beautiful and sexy and would love to have her in real life.
Thanks for reading my card and have a great day! Ja ne
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Thought about doing today's challenge with Hinata, but then figured nah.. I bet a bunch of others will and didn't want her to feel used. haha :p
I would love to cosplay Hinata! I would think that most female fans of Naruto would want to be someone like her or Tsunade.
@nberry1620 Lol. I thought a bunch would choose her also so I almost picked Kotegawa from To love ru but I decided I can't betray my bae like that.
from the start of Naruto, I have always loved and admired her all through to Shipuden. She's just that amazing and incredibly beautiful.