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plastic memories an emotional rollercoaster
Good afternoon my vingle friends... so I called out of work today as an emotional wreck due to the finale of plastic memories. I say it again as I've stated before I love/hate every single vingler who suggested it a good anime to watch... I am so traumatized by this show, I haven't stopped crying for the past hour and half. the sad part is I am an average everyday American very few people realize I'm quite a closeted otaku but still!!!!!! NNNNNOOOOOOO! thank you for letting me rant, if anyone wishes to talk about this it would probably help cause as I said I am a grown man still crying and emotionally scarred by this short lived love story
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Welcome to the club my friend
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same here I cried it's a tear jerker
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Look up Cargo on youtube. Its not an anime, but It'll bring anyone to tears
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