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Can someone please explain to me why my parents look like cartoon characters? Theory: Did the creator of this show know someone like my parents or at least know my parents? What am I the dog here? *Side note* I was born in the year of the dog according to the Chinese New Year. What are your theories? Would love to hear them. @nicolejb @InPlainSight @TessStevens @GalaxyTacoCat Has my entire life been based on a cartoon? Of course the crazy antics are not real, but quite it interesting thing to keep kids entrained for a while. So what are you thoughts?
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Do you live in a town called Nowhere? Are you haunted by an evil duck?
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lol no they don't.... but growing up people called my neighborhood the middle of nowhere land. and no I am not.
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Lol that's cute. ^.^
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