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Ladies we just finished our date in part 4 but at the end of the date our Oppas told us he was leaving in a weeks time with his band mates. But he also told us to expect a surprise in 3 days to help plan our date before he leaves. If your new here are links to the other cards. PART 1→→→→ PART 2→→→→ PART 3→→→→ PART 4→→→→
You arrived home from work/school and grab your mail on the way. When you arrive at your door your foot hits something. Your eyes glance down and notice a present. It wrapped with music sheets and a ribbon. Instantly a smile graces your face. You bend down and pick up the gift. You proceed to unlock the door to your home. Walk in and deposit the mail on the counter as you proceed to your room. Your phone lights up with Oppa's face alerting you have a new text message. ***Babe, if I timed this right you should have seen my little gift by now... I miss you...Don't forget to send a picture of your choice. ❤♡♡❤*** Your heart melts at the sight of the hearts but also breaks a little knowing he will be away for months after these last four days. You undo the ribbon and open the box. You laugh at the sight inside the box. You first pull out a photo of you from the previous date when you where standing in the middle of the room with your hands outstretched, ear buds in, and a huge smile on your face. The caption reads: I am the luckiest guy to be able to make you smile this beautifully. Inside beneath the photos you find monopoly pieces and snort. the instructions read pick the symbol that expresses Your feelings about us at this time. Remember it will help with our date. Just like monopoly I want the TIME to plan. You noticed he highlighted time and your trying to rack your brain for the meaning of each piece.
1) Thimble
2) The shoe
3) Racecar
4) airplane
Once you deciphered the meaning thinking back to your earlier conversations you snapped a picture and sent your answer: Oppa this is what I feel for you.

***I'll Pick you up @7 pm tomorrow.***

Ladies I hope you are enjoying this. tomorrows card will be the end. I hope you all get happy endings. But let me warn you there are two bittersweet endings but either way have tissues on hands. Once again thanks for playing my first a attempt at this type of writing and game. You all have made me smile, laugh, and happy with your responses. @ZwankimaWalker @punkpandabear @ElizabethT @CheyenneJessee @ButterflyBlu @B1A4BTS5ever @AimeeH @EleynaMorris @JessicaChaney @sosoaloraine23 @beckiboop1996 @TerraToyaSi @H8rt4u @xsandos17 @merryjayne13 @JenelleEspinoza @rubychan19 @CreeTheOtaku
Hmm I choose the plane
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