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watch dramas ? - I use "viki" (i also volunteer by subbing our favorite korean dramas) 馃槉
listen to music ? - i use "soundcloud" , just because 馃槀
edit pictures ? - i use "picsart" bc its simple and easy to use :)
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I use viki for drama and apple music for my music! :)
@GDsGF how did you learn it ? I'm trying to by reading books
@amendez638 the first thing was ( like most people ) caught some phrases from dramad and songs, then i learned the hangul alphabet ( you can find it online ) , then i did rosetta stone , and also i was learning it with a friend so it was fun because i had someone to practice with (she knew 50% korean at the time so she helped me) . hope you learn it fast !! :)
@GDsGF thank you ! I hope so too
I use viki and drama fever. music I use Google play. I have yet to branched out into editing pics.