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Oh so many....I suppose I'll start with LuHan!
He's so perfect I had to give him his own section. Fun fact, he was my main bias until Sehun decided to ruin my life!
Since there are a few other EXO sweeties I figured I would group them together! We have Kris, Tao, and Kai! Such flawless men!
SHINee's PERFECT maknae Taemin. Ugh he's so amazing. Is it possible not to adore this man because I'm pretty sure it's not
My sweet adorable little Kookie! Jungkook is the absolutely perfect maknae of BTS. Anyone starting to see my pattern of liking maknaes? Haha
And finally from GOT7 we have Mark and Yugyeom! They're so handsome and talented!
@sehunsdeerlu ugh I know!! the maknaes are killing me!
@ParkHaru lol yes! Just a natural attraction then lol they're always just SO CUTE
@sehunsdeerlu lol me too! and the weirdest part is that they usually end up being my favorite before I realize they're maknaes and then I find out and i'm like " we go again!"
@ParkHaru lol exactlyy! I'm obsessed with all the maknaes too lol I don't know what it is about maknaes that gets to me but dang I love them
@sehunsdeerlu lol! we just have great taste is what it is!
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