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Wooh! I could say that all the male characters are good enough to be boyfriend material (right girl?!?) Heh....but there have been some who stood out to me, where they had me saying "Wow, he would make a wonderful bf" or "Why can't real guys be like him?!?!"
Don't lie to yourself....we all have thought of this at some point since we fell into the anime world! (~^-^)~
I know for me there have been many but, if I REALLY think about it only like two or so I would definitely want as my bf.
It's difficult because these two characters really have traits that I look for but as it is...only one can win!!
DOES HE HAVE THE POWER TO DEFEAT ME?!?! (or at least my heart)
Heh heh thought Mako-chan is the one I choose?? Nah, he is the second one heh!!!!
This beautiful man here is the one I would love as a bf IRL.....
Introducing Uta No Prince-sama's very own Tokiya Ichinose!!!
Hah, I love him so much....I mean there must be millions of reasons why but I will keep it short!
Since he is the first voice we hear in the anime, when Haruka was in the city and she falls in love with his voice and wants to become a composer, well I also loved his voice upon hearing it! More so because my ALL TIME voice actor plays him....Miyano Mamoru.
He has done many roles but I can't think of any at the moment....only that he plays Rin in the anime Free! there are so many others!! (Oh I remember Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul)
I also love that his personality matches mine (yeah I could go for the opposites attract like Otoya or Syo but ehh...I love all of them) he could be calm and acting like an angst filled teenager heh
He seems like a very nice person despite his know he doesn't really look welcoming. Then again that's what makes him likeable!!
He's hardworking, talented, always tries to improve himself (despite already being a celebrity he decides to be in Starish).... and so MANY more reasons heh!!!
Then again this anime is one of my all time favorites, I never have read the manga because I can't hear the music they are making, anyways!!!
These are the reasons why I think he would make a wonderful bf IRL
Imagine someone serenading to you?? So romantic ^///^
Here's the song that made me fall in love with him (heh) know this scene??
I actually had trouble finding it and it's not even the right scene but aww well it's this song!!
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