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After this self defense class in NYC, people never see high-heeled shoes in the same light again.

The New York Times reports there’s now a self-defense workshop which teaches you how to defend yourself with your four inch heel. That's right ladies, put that mace away, those Louboutins on your feet are all you will need.
The woman behind the movement is Avital Zeisler, 26, a former ballerina and assault victim who regularly teaches hand-to-hand combat to celebrities and police officers alike.
By walking women through a standard set of kicks and punches, she’s helping to prepare them for any situation. The skillset, which she calls the Soteria Method, is named after the Greek goddess of safety.

Who knew a high heel could be a weapon of mass destruction?

After reading this article....women in high heels don't seem that attractive any more...
Lol @mchlyang. Just don't do anything that would require you having you butt Kicked. Literally. :P
A heel can be dangerous, but so can a cell phone in a sock. Either you are the weapon and the object is a tool or you are a tool and the object is the weapon. Eve a bazooka can be useless.
"Teaching hand to hand combat to celebrities and police officers alike." Haha perfect XD