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Who plays Osu!? If you don't know what this game is, it's a FREE PC game and for Mac's aswell and it is a rhythm game and you play anime songs and many Japanese songs. It is very addicting and challenging. It has many anime intro songs like from SAO, Naruto, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, and etc. It's so much fun when you get the hang of it. To download Osu!: Look up "Osu! Game" on google and go on the website and download (Virus Free and It's 100% Free) ADD ME GUYS: ArchieOG
Oh no no no no no no, and more no. I like being productive, thank you.
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everytime someone tells me a game is addictive, I plug my ears. I got a D+ in calculus a few years ago bc of my addiction to Rage of Bahamut. I'll download an addictive anime game when I'm out of college, or more likely retired...
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@hikaymm thought of you.
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