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I have never had normal sleeping habits.
My friends used to call me a night owl, because I was most effective and interactive during the later parts of the day. Personally, I found things slower and more peaceful, which allowed me to create.
According to new research that was released this week, my odd sleeping habits and work schedules wasn't a bad thing. According to research published in The Huffington Post, those who deviate from the normal sleep schedule are considered more intelligent
According to researchers at the University of Madrid, after analyzing the sleeping patterns of 1,000 students, they found that those who went to bed later (and consequently woke up later) scored higher on inductive reasoning tests, a test normally associated with general intelligence.
Researchers at the University of Liege in Belgium examined 15 “extreme early risers” and 15 “extreme night owls.” They measured the participants’ brain activity after they first woke up and then once again 10.5 hours later.
Both the night owls and the early birds had the same level of productivity when they first woke up. Ten hours later, however, early birds had “lower activity in brain regions linked to attention and the circadian master clock, compared to night owls.”

Do yourself a favor, take the late shift at work, hit that alarm clock and sleep it. It's probably for the best in the long run.

lmao gonna show my pops this he gives me crap about my habits 247
Lmao. Don't even THINK ABOUT IT! No. I don't WANT IT. *crying in fear* Seriously, that sounds evil. I would turn it off and go back to sleep anyways. The beauty and joy of narcolepsy: Sleep conquers all. This is why I have Levi. Lol. I will always wake up for him. Weird, huh? Even if the alarm goes off for 20-30 minutes, the minute he says, "Mommy?" I am wide awake. It doesn't work for anyone else in the family. ***Remind me and I will tell you what goes here later. Lol*** The drumming clock sounds Adorable... I'd just never set the alarm. Poor wittle monkey!!
@ButterflyBlu they make these wicked alarms for truckers that are seriously like the tornado drill alarms we had back in school. One volume set on: The world is ending. lol And the kicker is you have to put in a number pin to turn it off. A LONG pin. This thing is ridiculous. My friends dad had one and it seriously woke up the whole damn house, if not the neighbors. 😂 😈 My dad also bought me this alarm clock that was a monkey sitting behind a drum set. When it went off he banged on the drums. He sadly met a horrible end by my foot. 😕 R. I. P. Brave drummer Monkey.
@Danse you've always been wise in this particular area. Lol. 💜 I legit laugh out loud every time I come back to this card. That first picture, with a hammer?? That's SO me. You have no idea. Lmao. OMG you're going to love this. Way back in the day, in college, I picked my alarm clock up and threw it against the wall. (In all fairness, I had a hangover!) I broke the clock. So my then-newlywed husband went and bought this so-called "Indestructible Alarm Clock". It was one of those obnoxious pain in butt clocks with the actual freaking BELLS on the top. I HATED that alarm clock. It was so loud and, of course, the volume couldn't be turned down. One morning, the alarm went off for classes and I picked it up and threw it over my shoulder.... and right out the second story window of our apartment. It's a good thing I sleep with my bedroom window open or I probably would have broken the window instead of just a clock. Turns out the clock wasn't so indestructible. >.< My husband used to give me crap for that constantly. Hehe. ;)
@ButterflyBlu Makes sense..I will not argue. *knows better* 😜
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