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I love being a feminist. I love being a female, and educated, and empowered. But there is something so discouraging about being a female who understands that inequality is far from over. Someone who understands that rape culture exists.
Someone who has realized that simply labeling themselves a feminist forces me to explain myself to people who confuse feminism with man hating. (P.S. I don't hate men, this is their issue too.)
So please, to all those who believe that feminism and the advocacy for gender equally is wrong, explain these DAILY inequalities for me. My vagina must have gotten me confused.
1. All women feel uncomfortable walking alone at night. They either have pepper spray, mace, or their car keys in-between their fingers when they have to go out at night. Feeling safe while walking alone is a luxury no woman can actually afford.
2. We cant go out for drinks without being warned to never accept drinks from strangers, don't leave your drink unattended, and do not separate from your group. If anything bad happens to you it is your fault for not listening to these warnings.
3. The clothing we wear dictates weather we are too easy or too prude. Either one is negative, and both are taken as an open invitation. Apparently our clothing speaks louder then our actual mouths.
4. Because being a CEO or in a position of power always leads to jokes about sleeping our way to the top.
5. In the work place, men are always addressed first, even if we are above them. It is NEVER assumed at me are above them.
6. Because slut shamming and body shamming are the accepted norm. And if we don't like it we are told to start listening to how society tells us how to look and the magical number of people we are "allowed" to sleep with before we are considered "dirty".
7. No matter how many times we say we HATE cat calling, men will argue that it is not sexual assault and "if we didn't want to be noticed don't wear that type of clothing". Again, apparently our clothes are louder then our opinions, wants or desires.
8. When people talk about rape culture, someone always must say, “men get raped too,” as if a males pain should trump and erase ours.
9. Rape threats and murder threats on internet platforms are so much higher for women then for men.
10. The fact that the right to choose what happens to our own bodies medically is still trying to be ripped away from us.
11. Because being a woman who stands for something, who is educated, and who refuses to bend to unequal and outdated gender norms are instantly called a Bitch and disregarded.
Insert rape threats, insults, and shamming here for having a opinion for something stronger than what wedding ring I want when I grow up.
"for a man you're kind of ignorant" that's a solid burn
@ChosenKnight @GinnaL13 @chris98vamg @YoSoySoysauce @tardisdragon7 I thought some of my ladies week peeps would like this ^_^
what can I say that hasn't already been said much better in this post? I think its sad that we still have to have the conversation in 2015.and the fact that there are people in this world that are still trying to take away our rights is both alarming and disgusting.Men who have half the intelligence and maturity of women are running the world and its really an infuriating thing to think about
@shannonl5 'For a man you're typically ignorant' would be more accurate in more cases.
@shannonl5 I didn't like! I loved it!
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