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I've recently got into contact with a few publishing companies who are going to be discussing my options and providing me with advice. If all goes well I will be in full production very soon. Still need to decide which is best for me and all of you and get the gears spinning as fast as they'll go to bring "Wonderland Dark Invasion" to the otaku around the world. xD @shannonl5 @BrittanyBaldwin @Nicolejb @Quietone @OGv6FATE @Lorena13 @RKA916 @ButterflyBlu
@shannonl5 believe me I know how that is XP
@shannonl5 don't leave it that way for long or you'll lose your spark, it sounds awesome though xD
@shannonl5 what kinda projects are you working on?
@shannonl5 bills suck XP that's why I want to spread the word about the go fund me so I can hire people to complete their own projects and get talented people going on actual careers
@shannonl5 Yea just sucks everything comes down to money, can't I just pay with whimsical humor and good nature XP I'll figure something out so everyone can read my comics for free and maybe make an income so I can pump out a comic every week. Wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't working 46 hours a week at my current job xD
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