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Those Eyes...
Hiya Folks- It's that time again... You know, that time of the day were we take a a brief moment from our busy lives and go in depth to study the incredible features that make up that super-human creature we know as G-Dragon. As you may have guessed, today's subject is his gorgeous eyes. BRACE YOURSELVES. Not all of us will make it to the end of the card Still Alive.
They are perfect, aren't they? Just dreamy. I could get lost in his eyes for days. I can only image what looking into them must be like.
His eyes are shaped just right. I would give an arm for eyes like his. They're absolutely beautiful.
GD's eyes are amazing without any make-up at all. With make-up they are banging. As in TAKE ME NOW JIYONG! I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES!!!!!
I apologize for that rude outburst. I'm not really sure what came over me...
Moving on.
Excuse me while I go check my pulse...
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@petname83 I know. Ugh. Why does he torment us so?
2 years ago·Reply
idk.....punishment for a previous life???
2 years ago·Reply
Probably lol
2 years ago·Reply
ugh....wae wae wae.....#StopKillingMeGDaddu
2 years ago·Reply