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During the holidays, my family is swollen with Puerto Rican food, and buzzed rum-y coquito. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because so many memories penetrate my heart, bringing me back to the kind of love I have with my family. There are some songs that dance between the old speakers, making the holidays feel familiar and nostalgic. Growing up, the music I heard during the holidays had a mix of Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican influence.

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, “La Fiesta de Pili”

"a comer pastel
a comer lechon
arroz con gandules
y a beber ron
que venga morcilla
venga de toooo "

Jose Alberto “El Canario,” “Quiero Salsa en Navidad”

Victor Manuelle, “Lechón, Lechón, Lechón”

Aventura, “Burrito de Belén”

El Gran Combo-Brujeria

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Salsaaaaaaa 😍
2 years ago·Reply
I have one for Christmas that I like, Hector Lavoe - Mr Brownie 😂😂
2 years ago·Reply
Ooooh yes! @jibarito
2 years ago·Reply
Lol yes... these songs bring back memories brujería..
2 years ago·Reply
Sameee. The first one...El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, “La Fiesta de Pili”... is one of my favorites. My grandma plays it allllll the time during the holidays.
2 years ago·Reply