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During the holidays, my family is swollen with Puerto Rican food, and buzzed rum-y coquito. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because so many memories penetrate my heart, bringing me back to the kind of love I have with my family. There are some songs that dance between the old speakers, making the holidays feel familiar and nostalgic. Growing up, the music I heard during the holidays had a mix of Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican influence.

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, “La Fiesta de Pili”

"a comer pastel
a comer lechon
arroz con gandules
y a beber ron
que venga morcilla
venga de toooo "

Jose Alberto “El Canario,” “Quiero Salsa en Navidad”

Victor Manuelle, “Lechón, Lechón, Lechón”

Aventura, “Burrito de Belén”

El Gran Combo-Brujeria

Sameee. The first one...El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, “La Fiesta de Pili”... is one of my favorites. My grandma plays it allllll the time during the holidays.
Lol yes... these songs bring back memories brujería..
Ooooh yes! @jibarito
I have one for Christmas that I like, Hector Lavoe - Mr Brownie 😂😂
Salsaaaaaaa 😍
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