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I love food. And no I don't just mean I love eating. I mean I would choose cheese over true love....which I guess makes cheese my true love. I will eat with my friends at a diner after already eating dinner. I will not be hungry but watching someone eat will cause my stomach to grumble.
I. Love. Food.
And I know there are others like me. Those who choose food over everything. You fucking love Thanksgiving and you realize exactly what that day will entail.
1. You will hang around the kitchen just to sneak a few munches while everything is being prepped.
2. The snacks before the meal are fucking amazing. You always say you wont eat too much of them but they are just right there. You don't stop until they are gone.
3. Your parents will call you out and tell you to stop shuffing your face. You ignore them obviously.
4. Its finally dinner and you're kind of full....but make room for a huge plate of everything. Maybe seconds for a few of your favs aka stuffing.
5. There is always room for dessert.
6. You will wake up a few hours later after passing out from a food coma and instantly start drooling at the idea of a late night after thanksgiving sandwich. And you will eat it.