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@hikaymm So I've never really been one for shipping but this is definitely a Ship i will sail. GaLe is one of those classic beauty and the beast type things. He tried to kill her on orders of his first guild master but after joining fairy tail did everything he could to make things right with everybody though out seems he always paid extra attention to Levy. It may seem like a guilt thing at first but then as things progress he flirts with her , in the way a guy like Gajeel would, by constantly teasing her. Levy has also shown that the feelings are mutual by constantly worrying about Gajeel's safety over everybody else's even prioritizing him over her own team (Jet and Troy). Also during the Grand Magic Games arc you saw her disappointment during the wedding dress challenge when Gajeel showed his extreme disinterest in the entire thing. Levy is the complete opposite of Gajeel the gentle beauty to the ferocious loner beast or Dragon in this case. I feel deep down Gajeel knows he needs her though his personality may never allow him to admit it out loud.
*whistles* nope I don't ship this one pshhhhh not my pic or profile info at all whatchu talking about
Woo!! THanks for joining ^^
love it! i think they compliment each other. i love Gajeel and Levy just what he needs to come out and be himself. <3