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First, Mariano Rivera. Then Derek Jeter. Now, David Ortiz.

These are the players that I loved watching growing up. They were the players that made the Yankees - Red Sox rivalry so great. Even though I supported the Yankees, I loved seeing Big Papi play.
And Mo and the Captain have retired but it seemed like Ortiz had at least another two, three years left inside him. But Big Papi announced that he is going to retire after the 2016 season.

Ortiz is a nine time all-star, six-time Silver Slugger Award winner, and finished last season with a .273 batting average, 37 home runs, and 108 RBIs.

Big Papi just turned 40 yesterday, so he will be amongst one of the eleven position players in Red Sox history to play after they turned 40.
He has hit 503 career home runs and out of those 503, he hit 445 during his 13 seasons with the Red Sox. He also has the most home runs as a designated hitter (447) which is well ahead of Frank Thomas (269).

Well it's not simply his stats that define Big Papi. It is his presence and symbolism for the Red Sox organization and he always puts team before himself.

He once said during an interview:
"Winning another World Series [is the goal]. I'll take a World Series anytime on top of 500 home runs any day. That's my goal. That's my goal for next year. That was my goal for this year, but it didn't work out that way. I'll be on it next year."

That is Big Papi for you right there. It will be really sad to see him go after the season is over.

What do my baseball fans think? Are you guys sad that David Ortiz will retire after the 2016 season?

@mchlyang you can't say Red Sox without thinking of Dave. He's one of the greats that will always be synonymous with Beantown. This is almost as bad as watching the Celtics Big 3 fall apart. And that hurt me bad. Lol
@GinnaL13 Yeah but it's not the same you know? You grew up watching these players and you learned the game from them. Yes, it's great to watch Trout and Kershaw play but it's not the same.
@mchlyang I know! but there is always someone that is also a good player.
@GinnaL13 I know...all my childhood baseball heroes are retiring
nooo! :/
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