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I get it paparazzi have jobs and they get paid to take celebrities photos but obviously you can see that Jiyong does not want to be bothered they travel 24/7 and rarely have time to rest so will it hurt you to leave then be or respectfully take the picture you need then go away and give them space! GD shouldn't have to cover his face like this just to have some privacy On a less serious note since it was too obvious not to point out in the last picture we see the king himself has blessed us again with his glorious pant choice


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@NasihaOcasio way easier because you don't have to worry about taking off much and lol she's smart
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I agree with you @Jiyongixoxo....but I agree with those pants more.....js. Can't unsee.....I dove headfirst in the gutter and I think I'll stay there for now.
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@NasihaOcasio oh wow never thought of that. Good idea, I'm gonna try that
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we are not going to repeat the leace britney alone stuff again are we?
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@xroyalreisx no lol I just don't like when people don't respect celebs space
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