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I am officially realizing that college has rapidly been turning me into the characters of Flower Boy Next Door!
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@Lexxcisco I can't wait for Thanksgiving break!!! I need to get away from all this college mayhem for a while!! lol 馃槉馃槃
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@OliviaBunny Same!!! I have been procrastinating studying and watching dramas instead lol 馃槃馃槃馃槂
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@Lexxcisco Lol! That is my life!!! It is really bad... especially when I have papers to write! I keep telling myself that I do it because I focus better under pressure!!! 馃槄馃槄
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lol even though I'm not in college I still know what you guys go through
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But for real...this is me the entire semester. When people make comments about the bags under my eyes I just tell them that they are designer. Haha usually followed with a "so shut up".
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