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Okay, being bored is kind of lame because like, there are so many things to do! Literally, there are infinite things that you can use up your time doing. But sometimes we just don't want to do those things. So, when you're bored and you don't want to do anything at all, just do these things. Got it?

1. Paint / Color / Draw

Okay, hear me out, this is much more than just picking up a piece of notebook paper and doodling. No, go ham and get one of those "color by numbers" things, like from when you were a kid, and create a new masterpiece. Retro and fabulous, you will never feel bored again. If you can find that know with the velvet dolphins and'll be my new favorite person.

2. Download and Listen to a Podcast

If you're not on the Podcast train, I feel bad for you! There is a wealth of information that can be gleamed from podcasts, and you'll be kicking yourself for all the stuff you missed. Serial, is one of the greatest podcasts of all time. Look it up, download it. It's free! You can't go wrong!

3. Call Your Family

Yeah they might be annoying, but talking to them is probably better than dealing with sheer boredom. Throw them a bone and get in touch. It's a good way to get out your frustrations too. If you wanted to go the extra mile you could even set up a visit. I know, crazy talk right?

4. Make a Bucket List

This morbid excuse for a boredom cure will have you thinking about all sorts of exciting things. Don't let life pass you by, get out and do something. You'll stop thinking about how bored you are, and you'll start thinking about the future.

5. Make a Playlist

Music is a great way to cure boredom. Sifting through different kinds of music from different places always gets my brain moving. Seriously, get online, and curate your ultimate playlist, a soundtrack to your life. Pick some of your favorite songs and go.
Watch anime
watch Korean dramas xD
Yes get on Vingle when you're bored how could I forget hahahaah
Netflix and chill
Won't seem to work 'liking' this. Already done these things except not heard of 'serial' so will have to check it out sometime. 'Velvet' dolphins? What's that?
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