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I was just bored and decided to make a collection of cards of moments of my daily life. Sometimes it will be related to kpop or non-related, so if your not interested don't read. I'll just tell a little about myself before I tell my adventures. I'm in middle school and love music, art, & animation. I'm currently in Choir and Robotics. Most of my friends are guy, but there are girls here and there (guys tend to not be so dramatic and serious *no offense girls*). So I have 2 friends who like kpop BS and VN (I'm just using their initials). BS likes EXO & BTS, while VN mostly likes B2ST and Big Bang. My other friends AL, NC, & PN don't like kpop but respect my choices in music. So that's about it but if you have any questions feel free to ask. So I'll just start off with some adventures and if you request me to tell one then if I had had that experience I'll tell it. So at lunch we all sit together: me, BS, VN, AL, & NC ,but PN has lunch at a different time. So at lunch today my idiot of friends (VN & AL) decided to snort milk up their noses (if you can't imagine it the think nosebleeds but white *Ikr gross*). They then persuade BS to do it. Later, while VN tries snorting again ; NC who has been talking to another classmate turns around and sees VN & says "Yo Bro, Holy S**t Nigga what u be doing?!". Then we all started laughing loudly at what NC said. This is when I first found out BS liked BTS and EXO. At lunch, we were talking about SNSD & he asked how many members there were and I answered 9 (OTP9! *hehe sorry had to*) and he replied that he thought there were 18 of them and I still tease him about it to this day. This is my last one for today. Me & PN were at a Pep Rally to support our friend DT for her first performance (she's a cheerleader). But unfortunately PN was very sleepy b/c of exams so he slept through this whole thing but the thing is......he slept with his eyes open so DT thought he was awake and kinda was freaked out when he didn't blink. Thank you for reading!~♡ ^^ :3 XD
@christianliu aww thanks.we both are
@christianliu well it worked and you are awesome
ok I really enjoyed these story like a lot, also I agree about the girl this and its ok that you friends boy is this even makeing sense anyhoo. these made my day so much thank you
@EmilyGardner Thank You! You are awesome too!
@EmilyGardner You're welcome! I'm glad I'm making your day. I just felt like I needed to share these and post more on Vingle!~♡