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Hey Vingle Nakama!!

We've gotten some traction going so far in the totally-awesomely-named-like-oh-my-god-how-are-you-so-creative Thanksgiveaway! Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and to everyone else, I absolutely encourage you to!
That being said, I wanted to up the ante a little with a question that most anime fans would struggle to answer. In fact, it might be downright impossible, but I implore you to try! You ready?

If you could only watch one anime for the rest of forever, what would it be?

(also, the above image is from ATNDesign on deviantart.)

My Pick - One Piece

I'm still basically in the beginning of the anime (episode 170~) so I'd not only still have a lot of new stuff to watch for a while, but since it's so long, it's something I could rewatch over and over without worrying about getting fed up with it.
Plus it's just plain awesome.
My God... You went there.. Well, guess I'll be thinking about this one all day and post something up after work tonight... I hate this question by the way. haha
@VinMcCarthy It's alright dude it happens I was trying to give you a hard time!! XD
One question though @VinMcCarthy is it one anime that continues on and on for the rest of our life? or are you saying one series start to finish like normal that we can rewatch over and over?
@gh0str3con1596 sorry dude! I got bogged down without wifi and so I put it up late! here it is:
Man where is today's question?! Usually you have it up really fast no excuses now!! Jk XD it's all gooooood
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