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Hey guys sup this is kalyan I wanted to share this particular photo and know your answer....... is it rubber or fire, gomu gomu no fruit power vs fire dragon who will win let me know in the comments section below.until next time guys see ya
Luffy wins reasons y second third and fourth gear plus haki even if Natsu has fire lighting mode lighting doesn't affect rubber and if he uses to much energy he'll need to recharge also his friends are not on the line so he isn't going to magically power up from the power of friendship
luffy I just know don't ask me how don't ask why I just know ok
I say luffy why ? 1st. he got more experience with tuff opponents 2nd. haki, gear 2, gear 3, and gear 4 3rd. his true power has not been released yet their is a video of him unlocking it but he still don't understand it plus natsu motion sickness might effect the fight ..... depending
@AimmnAZ I now remember something luffy can't get hurt the person using Haki or is a devil fruit user so punches have no affect on him just like when goku punched luffy in the crossover this is just my theory don't get mad not attack me multiple facts
Luffy because I'm sure that he can kick Natsu butt using his Haki can extinguish any flames he throw his way... No offense Fairy Tail guild馃槄馃槄馃槄
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