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Hey guys sup this is kalyan I wanted to share this particular photo and know your answer....... is it rubber or fire, gomu gomu no fruit power vs fire dragon who will win let me know in the comments section below.until next time guys see ya
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@Majestical No, I am both fans but trust me Natsu isn't that type of guy that jokes around. He is incredibly strong. But anyways let's wait until Fairy Tail season 2 finishes and let's see Natsu's Dragon force and other power.
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for everybody on here who picked Natsu must didn't catch my captain 4th gear
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@AimmnAZ He's punches wouldn't effect luffy......he would probably only feel fire.
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@HappysaysAye I don't really care anymore because I stopped wasting my time arguing. #yourlate
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@AimmnAZ f********ck T^T
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