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The best performing boyband, 2PM released their Best Album, "2PM Member's Selection today (May 21) and they are getting a lot attention and love! Since their debut in 2008, 2PM has had several hit songs such as "10 Points Out of 10," "Again & Again," "I Hate You," "Heartbeat," "I'll Be Back," and their latest title song, "Hands Up." 2PM has chosen the best of the best of their songs and have compiled it into the limited edition album. This album includes 16 hit tracks from 2PM, and some special tracks such as Junsu's self composed song, "Alive," and Wooyoung and Junho's "Move On." 20,000 copies of this album are planned to be sold in the nation and it is considered a special album as the members of 2PM will have short episode introductions for each track, bringing out the fun and affection of the members. To complete the process of making this limited edition album, some tracks were re-recorded to make this album even more perfect. For 2PM fans who get to buy this album, enjoy!
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