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Each year, a new group of our favorite actors and idols heads off for mandatory military service. While the list of stars who left in 2015 was pretty long compared to years past and the list of celebrities most likely leaving next year is even longer, there's some good news! For every group that leaves, there's always a set that completes their service and returns home. Because of varying enlistment lengths, some stars who left this year will already be back by the end of next year! Let's take a look at the 7 hot stars coming back from military service in 2016:
Note: Military service is mandatory for South Korean males between the ages of 18 and 35. Korean military service ranges from 21 to 24 months depending on the branch. Army, Marines, and conscripted policemen serve 21 months, Navy serves 23 months, and Air Force serves 24 months. Public service workers serve from 24 to 36 months.
1. Jaejoong
Enlistment date: March 2015
Estimated release: December 2016
2. Yoon Si Yoon
Enlistment date: April 2014
Estimated release: January 2016
3. Park Ki Woong
Enlistment date: May 2014
Estimated release: February 2016
4. Lee Min Ki
Enlistment date: August 2014
Estimated release: August 2016
5. Lee Jae Won
Enlistment date: December 2014
Estimated release: October 2016
6. Shindong
Enlistment date: March 2015
Estimate release: December 2016
7. Sungmin
Enlistment date: March 2015
Estimated release: December 2016
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