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SO for the challenge I picked the top three This is the TOP (get it^) requested: A. 20 facts about me @malibella @punkpandabear @sherrysahar @xxxtina @aguileragissel @thePinkPrincess @HarperKennett @CreeTheOtaku @jojojordy2324 @OliviaZenger
1. I LOVE writing. Above are three of my works that are out there for the world to see •The Tattooed and Curse of the Others are on Wattpad and are part of a trilogy. I plan to try to publish these two. •Life After is a GD fanfic on asianfanfics
2. I'm married to the biggest dinglehopper on the planet but he's patient. 3. I'm a mom to a little boy. He's hyper and honestly a demon baby. 4. I'm a photographer. Cosplay is my main focus right now (^That's my little Asian) 5. I have a goofball of a younger brother. (^That was taken today)
6. Highlight was the very first kpop anything I've ever attended. 7. There is something insanely wrong with my head, I go to the doctor next week. 8. Ah, horror movies are life. 9. Studio Ghibli has been a stable of my childhood. Also my mother is the reason Spirited Away was taken off the shelves when Blockbuster was a thing.
10. These two are the most amazballs artists I've ever listened to. Idk, they speak to me XD
11. I dance like that ^ 12. I am actually older than my UB, Nammie. Though not by much, literally a two weeks difference. 13. I haven't seen my natural hair color since I was 13. 14. My baking skills are pretty bomb. It won't look amazing but it'll taste it.
15. I'm INSANELY allergic to makeup. Everything I own is hypoallergenic and if it isn't, my face swells and turns red (redder than normal anyway) 16. Books are the most amazing creation and I want to read them all. 17. I love the stars. I grew up in the middle of nowhere Louisiana and the stars are amazing out there but it was never enough. 18. I find things like this incredibly true and terrific.
19. I'm part of a bomb af group on Facebook 20. Vingle is the most amazing app I've ever found and I love everyone of you. Sorry but you're fam now
These two gifs are just to mess with anyone who actually made it this far.
@DenieceSuit I miss the quiet. I used to live in the middle of the woods and now I live next to a major hwy.
living in Louisiana and completely agree with the not enough stars. Or Mountains I grew up in Georgia and seriously miss Mountains.
lol I will be watching you from up above 😂
@Jiyongixoxo Burgundy is good color to underneath and its "natural" @xxxtina Yay :D @malibella Thank you ^°^ My hubs and son are ridiculous. And of course, the murderer always goes to the funeral.
Thank you !! And you have such a lovely family ! , those gifs killed btw , will you come to my funeral and say a few words lol 😂😂
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