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your kidding right. in this current team set up minato should have a problem taking out the hole team solo. but adding kakashi obito and rin to the mix. yeah sasuke has sharingan but I still don't feel like he was on kakashis level. kakashi was a jonin already for a reason.
@jtt764 im talking about these teams with their full potential in these outfits. kakashi is a jonin, but hasnt been put into the anbu yet. obito hasnt given kakashi his sharingan yet. rin isnt dead.l yet. sasuke has his cursed seal that he can use, choose either level. 1 or 2. sasuke with his sharingan and curse level 1 would be able to take kid kakashi jonin ranked. heck of we want to choose naruto at his prime in this outfit we could, but with only a 1 tail version of kyuuni giving him chalara form naruto can conrrol that and take obito. after sakura starts training with tsunade she gets her super beefy strength which without it i feel rin would win, but because of that strength i feel sakura would win.
@jtt764 but she gots a point