I think I've mentioned that I really love tricksters....probably in passing, or sumthin. I would say that my anime soul mate would probably be Izaya Orihara. He loves playing his manipulative games of strategy, that usually only he is aware is a game. It helps that he has this feline aire about him. Pure sex appeal, IRL.
And he has humans pegged to a "T", but his motivations are not as obvious as he let's on. He'd like people to believe that he is just bored and likes to watch the world burn...
But really, he's obsessed with the adaptability of human nature. By his nature, Izaya feels cursed to be an onlooker, outside of the interconnectedness of society. While his perspective makes it possible to witness all of the inner workings of human interactions, his inability to experience those connections on an emotional level drives his fascination with understanding, on an intellectual level, how those connections can shift and change and persevere when threatened.
As someone who lives with Asperger's, I find a kindred spirit in Izaya. Curious about how this social machine works...feeling somehow separate from it all...yet, opimistic that I am on the right track and that I can someday figure it all out.
Okay, maybe not in his sociopathic, clinical way, but you know....