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It might just be me but i believe that the best friendships come from the ultimate rivalries which is why i chose Goku and Vegeta. Since these two met they have been challenging and pushing each other to better themselves. As a fighter myself I am always looking for rivals to go up against and push my own abilities to the next level.
They are complete opposites both in personality and ability and yet rival each other evey step its amazing really but even though they are rivals they fight side by side no matter who the enemy is wether its freeza, cell, buu, or beerus they always manage to over come the odds.
Goku and Vegeta are so close that they are able to fuse and become Gogeta or Vegeto depending on the way they fuse. this is my entry hope it works @Hikaymm
I can't even put into words how much I love this!
if you remeber early in DBZ, Krillin says that he and Goku used to hate each other too. Same with Piccolo
@JacEmmons i was originally going to do krillin but i decided vegeta would be better