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So the question posed by @VinMcCarthy for the 7th Nani November card today was "which character would you never date?". Well, I weeded out all the evil antagonists that you're supposed to hate, and was wracking my brain to come up with a 'good' guy I didn't like, when I remembered this creepy-ass rat bastard: say hello to Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, one of the most disturbing characters I can think of!
Okay, so say lets gloss over the facepaint from a Halloween re-run, and the weird headdress, and the fact that he wears his sword in his crotch (awkward!); after all, those are just outward appearances right? Well, even so, this man has experimented on himself to a point were he can pull sinew and tendons out of his ear to fight with, willingly pulls off his own limbs, and is certainly eligible for the "Most Creepy Smile" award.
Ok, and his body isn't the only thing that's bat-shit crazy. This man (can he even be called that anymore?) loves torture and pain. He willingly sacrifices anyone and anything around him, especially Nemu, his Lieutenant. He's always lurking around, looking for his next 'research' subject to 'experiment' on. He is a certifiable mad scientist.
Don't get me wrong, mad scientists aren't all bad. Dr. Stein from Soul Eater is pretty awesome. But Stein CARES. And that's what Mayuri lacks. Sure, if you can point his interests towards another, mutual target, he's pretty epic in a fight; but you never know how long it'll be until he turns on you. He has no empathy, no ability to connect to others unless its by causing pain. That nauseating mix of narcissism, sadism, and masochism all wrapped into an extremely powerful person with no scruples completely creeps me out and ensures that I would never want to be on the same continent with the man, let alone on a date.
Btw, I also love him for his weirdness and when he fights on the right side. 😁
Haha! Niiice! Very well said about the captain of squad 12. 👍
Yeah, @Danse, I know some people really like him, so I felt kinda weird writing this card.... and I don't mind him in fights, etc... but he just gives me the heeby jeebies and he was the only one I could imagine never going on a date with...
lol I actually love this guy. Sadist, yum <3 But great card!
hmm or you could go for muscle reinforcements and just rip people in half
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