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Okay so it started off when i was at school. One of my friend told me that they like kpop, i was surprised because i never had a friend that liked kpop. So i asked her what group did she like and she said exo , block b , ect. Then shes like u should listen to "very good bye block b" , so i did i was excited to go home jst to listen to it馃槅 when i got home i literally ran to my room and got my ipad and searched it up. I actually liked i was inlove with them especially 鉂わ笍UKWON鉂わ笍 and i went to school the next day i told her and she was like i knew u were goin to like them鉂わ笍馃槀 butt yee thats my story. By the way this happened a month ago馃敟
How many block b fans out there馃尯鉂わ笍
I'm a fan! It's only been three weeks but I love them. love almost every single one of their songs. Z icos my bias too.
sorry it is 4 am I forgot jaehyo
I love block b. zico, ukwon, kyung, b bomb, p.o. taeil, they are all adorable. they were in chicago last Friday. I wanted to go so bad.
Block B is life. Zico is my bias but u-kwon is adorable.
Oh I am a Block B fan! 馃槃