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Sell your ship challenge
Poor Lucy, Natsu and Happy are dead in her future. And the rest of the guild. Makes me want to cry -
@hikaymm My all time favorite ship is Nalu. I believe from the beginning of the series they were made for each other
not to mention they are perfect for each other and would be a cute couple
No matter what you can see they care for one another and I think Natsu would do anything to protect Lucy and Lucy would protect Natsu. Even if they haven't said it yet I believe they love each other Please comment any thoughts or praise for Nalu. Or if you want to spark a conversation about the ship or other ships you may like that'll be ok too
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yep!!! sold!!!
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I agree! This is the best ship ever! They are best friends and know and accept everything about the each other ! It's the sort of relationship I aspire to someday!
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Natsu and Lucy for sure
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I only ship Nalu if Laxus keeps jumping in the memes. 馃槀
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