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The sun has finally come out after five months of hiding and Fashion Week is now in full swing in Seoul. I got a chance to visit one of the shows at Blue Square and talked to some amazing people. The show itself was great but what fascinated me even more was the crowd outside. Most of the attendants were fashion students and bloggers with big dreams and great drive to achieve them. Even if many didn't get to come inside to see the show, there was still a general cheerfulness that everyone seems to carry. I mean, dressing up, hanging out with friends and talking with like-minded people in the warm sunlight. What's not to love? See if you or your friends are here. If you don't, come to the show and we may run into each other!! Message me if you see your photos here and want the full version! Seoul Fashion Week Day 2- The Girls #1: Seoul Fashion Week Day 2- The Girls #2: Seoul Street Fashion is a ongoing project featuring stylish and great people with awesome stories living in Seoul. Visit the whole collection here:
Thanks @SabeenM I did got into the Dominic's Way show but it's always crowded so it's hard to get a good seat and view of the whole runway. The scene outside is much more interesting to me as there're mostly students walking and talking outside. And Seoul Fashion Week is this week! They have a facebook page here:
also, @carlosdang When is Seoul Fashion week exactly?
Great photos!! Did you by any chance get to attend any of the shows?
Thanks @Tapsami! These boys were super cool and chilled. Such well-dressed lads!
Looks so cool !!