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ok so I heard his new song omg his rap though it's like ugh~ it's killin me haha but I miss him in EXO a lot ik a lot of EXO-l s probably hate him bc of tat but we r suppose to support him am I right? well tats j me I luv EXO n always will even if kris luhan n Tao left I'm still a fan of theirs to haha but yes tis is his new song fo a game I think so yea hah check it out on YouTube haha
ok here is kris new song called bad Gurl I was like noooo~ y u cut ur hair it's not cut its like ur bald?!? y kris y!~ anyways yes it's still a good song to me haha anyways these 2 r still dtring n so should we even if we miss thm in EXO ik how u feel I'm an EXO-l n yes I was mad whn thy left but wat can we do so kris ge Tao ge luhan gege jayo wa ai ni!! haha saranghae