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When trying to decide what my favorite battle is, I came across this music video which is one of my fave battles. Natsu and Gajeel vs. Sting and Rogue. This battle kept me at the edge of my seat. @VinMcCarthy
Yep! I figured you were probably swamped and might not have seen it. XD @VinMcCarthy
Ok, my turn to want to like your comment more than once; ya took the words straight outta my mouth, @TiffanyWallace :)
Yes! And EVERYBODY needs to laugh like a loon some time in their life! And I agree, @Kirik it is really nice to share like this. I was a little nervous about downloading this app when I first saw it but now I'm like "this is the best thing ever." I can actually enjoy taking and sharing about all the anime I like and nobody really judges. So many ppl enjoy the same things. #bestappever Lol and thank you!
Hahaha, thanks @TiffanyWallace !!! its really fun being able to share like this; and this was a great choice! Thats one thing I love about anime, it can be serious and teach you great life lessons and be incredibly inspiring; and then it makes you laugh like a loon!
And when Natsu and Gajeel are arguing in the pit and Sting and Rogue are just like...'seriously? ' and Natsu shoves Gajeel into the mine cart? His face, omg, I died laughing!
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