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If you haven't picked this anime up yet you need to don't mess with Meliodas or Ban I'd have to give this one a 8/10 it's amazing anime and any one that likes anime with magic I should say will like this one Basicly the characters are called the seven sins and all were in a platoon fighting with what they call the holy knights but the sins out rank the holy Knights in power the holy Knights are formidable And can use magic just as the sins but are no where on par you will learn more about when they were holy Knights in flash backs and the have a fue convos on it The seven sins are then out cast and have bountys placed on there heads for the death of the basically the grand master of the holy Knights and were scattered to the far corners of the world trying to keep from getting captured and planed to meat up later but it never happend ten years later Now a young girl Elizabeth Liones is searching for the seven sins in hopes that they can help her but first they must find all the sins and bring them back together you will find out what for in the first episode or second your job to figure out can't spoil to much and I wonder are the seven sins actually the ones that killed the grand master of the holy Knights there are a fue twist in the anime and some of the back story's are amazing enjoy
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loved it.
Agreed, this is a great anime. I didn't expect a good anime to come from Netflix, but the first season turned out awesome!
Favorite anime of all time, I remember waking up at 3am every week before school to watch because that's when it came out on the website I watched it on
I love this anime so much!! Sucks that I can't talk about it much since none of my friends have seen it yet 😞
Omg a love it it so awesome ☺