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Hello Everyone! My name is Angelica and this is the first time i have ever made a card. I am still trying to get the hang of this wonderful place, but all i can say so far is that i love it ! For my first card i wanted to talk about Fairy Tail as a whole. As i make more cards i will talk more about the individual characters, but for now its talk about Fairy Tail! How did you get into Fairy Tail ? I started with the Manga. i was looking for something new to read at my library and it caught my eye. Not even 5 minutes past by and i am dying from laughter. I was so happy to found out.about the Anime! Fairly Tail had forever changed my life.
Fairy Tail is just my life right now and gosh the.feels doe !
Love fairy tail I found it and at first I thought the pic of Lucy looked stupid but then one day I started watching it and instantly I fell in love with the show
hahaha that is fantastic! Fairy Tail is life 馃憜 @yulissab2015
@ladybuglove17 me too it's part of my life now 馃槃 can't wait for tomorrow's new episode
@yulissa2015 and i am happy for that friend to recommend that!
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