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A challenge has been made and I ask you all to be nice! Anyone can vote, not just my followers so feel free. ^_^ Just vote in the comments for which challenge you want me to do.
I was tagged by @EXOAsf for this challenge. So guys, I will gladly(reluctantly-ish but still gladly) perform any of these tasks(minus D and F because nuh-uh). I won't back down from the others, so just hit me with your votes and I will do it! I will leave this for a week, count 'em up, and find out what I'll be presenting to you all!
Dear, @Danse @CreeTheOtaku @KokoroNoTakara @hikaymm @SusiBosshammer @mooonchild03 @GinGinx @Michellelbarra @CheyenneJessee @Chocolat09 @JazzyJazJaz @EmilyGardner @SarangRavi you guys are now challenged. If you already did it, sorry, I tried to look on all your pages to check if you did it. Good luck to you! ^_^
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A or E
2 years ago·Reply
Dear @MadAndrea WHY DID YOU TAG ME!?!?!??!?😬😬😬....I guess I gotta do it....Lol😂😉
2 years ago·Reply
@Chocolat09 Everyone must sufferrrrrr!!! If it will make you feel any better you can vote for me to do something lol a little revenge I guess haha
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2 years ago·Reply
B ^^
2 years ago·Reply