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especially the last two XD
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the video content not available is the worst. with the no subtitles one at least we get to watch the video and fangirl/boy over whoever were watching.
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my personal fear is my favorite group having it's final concert where I cant go...... 馃槼馃槶
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well if you look at enough K-pop movie or TV show hell you pretty much know what's going on by the facial expressions.
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you should get a plug in that could change the country you're browsing in.. so if I ever come across a video that isn't available in USA I can change it to s.korea and watch it..
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that isn't a fear, that's a nightmare!! @errrkag 馃槶 I felt like that with BigBang s MADE tour, now that they're all going into service 馃槩馃槩 we won't get to see them for a while..
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