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Listen to gawdsday #1 : dontaskmewhy (prod. KlassKlownKarl) by gawdlee #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/dejilee/dontaskmewhy
look no further...of if u have to go for it! Lol I personally like it, if u have a soundcloud and wanna share some artist please feel free to comment my ears are always open to new artists!
Dj jo, he does dub step remakes of anime ops, full left versions!
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sweet! Thank you :D
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I can't get the link to open on my phone so idk what genre you're looking for but I've been listening to Keaton Henson lately
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@TreverMoon hey idiot that's supposed to be length*
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@TreverMoon thanks man
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