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What would you do as Captain America for a day. We are all familiar with his powers and leadership. So you are him for a day, you could be Steve and listen to his "old fashioned" radio or you can go Avenge for the day! The choice and the day is yours!
Fight with Bucky your best bud all day or
Throw around the shield around.... And play catch with yourself that's definitely what I would do all day lol! @shannonl5 and the rest of Vingle, Enjoy...!
@shannonI5 I'd make him a playlist of new rock, then hug bucky relentlessly and sob. then I'd make bucky listen to the playlist. I have a headcannon that he's a rocker.
I'm pretty boring.... I like old stuff. My motto is "Oldies are goodies!!" so I'd probably lounge around and listen to what Steve-o probably listened to....find the perfect soundtrack to his life😊
@shannonl5 Ah, I'll probably just go avenge if I was Captain America for a day. I mean, wouldn't it be awesome if you got the chance to kick asses (and look like a total badass) for a day? xD
STEVE!! Ok I would probably try to find Bucky if he wasn't already found. Then I'd probably try to catch up on all the pop culture I missed, freak out when I watched Star Wars and Pulp Fiction... jump out of a plane without a parachute if there was still any time left. @Krystalstar22 @EoinMoore @zaperz @KayleeScobee @Maknaeson @YoSoySoysauce @MichelleHolly @KassiIverson @sammsosa @Sydsocquet what would you do if you were Cap for a day?
I would also do that @zaperz
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