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What would you do as Captain America for a day. We are all familiar with his powers and leadership. So you are him for a day, you could be Steve and listen to his "old fashioned" radio or you can go Avenge for the day! The choice and the day is yours!
Fight with Bucky your best bud all day or
Throw around the shield around.... And play catch with yourself that's definitely what I would do all day lol! @shannonl5 and the rest of Vingle, Enjoy...!
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I would also do that @zaperz
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I would probably go be a badass all day and avenge. Although sitting around, watching old movies and listing to music does sound amazing. So maybe get my fair share of both in a day, hopefully xD
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So, nobody else glanced at the first image and thought "why is the Captain wearing a skirt"? No, just me then? Okay, moving on... I believe I'd probably go deal with some people that wronged me and my family in the past, and put them behind bars where they belong. I'd also have to run across the rooftops in San Francisco, just because I've always wanted to do that.
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@GrowingArt I had to check that first photo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks lmfao
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