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Ok, so @tbell2 made a card with Naruto and Sauske that reminded me of a story I read in what I think was Chicken Soup for the Soul. It was about a set of twins that were complete opposites, so I'll name them as such!
Naruto and Sauake, twins born of opposing energies, thus disagreed on just about any thing and every thing.
Naruto always looked to the positive side of things, life was butterflies and rainbows through his eyes. Even when he was feeling down about himself he quickly bounce back and become himself again.
Sauske, looked at the glass 3/4 empty. Things were never quite good enough. Bad things always happened. People worried endlessly.
Their parents were concerned for both of their children! Some times, over confidence can be dangerous, and negativity leads to loneliness :( They sought out the help of a professional to try to resolve the problem.
Hearing the parents plea Prof. Stein formulates a simple solution to balance out the twins' personalities a bit to start with. "On their birthday, put each of them in a separate room. Buy Sauske as many of the best toys that you can afford, wrap them in beautiful wrapping paper with big bows. For Naruto, get a large grocery bag and fill it with cow poop.
Abidingly, they gave Sasuke all the best toys they could. Present after present of complains and complains that the other kids had better or it wasn't the color he wanted, there was at least one negative comment with every toy they got him.
Next was Naruto. They cracked the door open to see their son, open the bag, pause, and then proceed to throw the poop into the air cheering gleefully and laughing! The he says,"WITH ALL THIS POOP THERE'S GOTTA BE A PONY SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!
The end!
Mini story. I told my mom and step-dad this story in Applebees after reading it that morning, and my mom's eyes got really wide and she jerked her head towards him. Then, the start laughing... A couple weeks later was my birthday. It was a school morning so I had to get up al like 5:30 in the morning, because my school was in a neighboring county... We lived right across the street from the school my cousin went to. My mom sets my present in front of me, I peel my eyes open, kind of, and opened the bag. It was horse shit, literally. I pushed it away and just thought they were pranking me for making them sit through the story. Then my mom said," Remember that story you told us? With all that poop there's got to be a pony somewhere!" Thanks for reading!
@T0R1L thanks
@arnelli well thank you! I'm pretty new on here myself, but I have been an anime fan for a long time, only recently have I made a friend that is as obsessed as I am, so I have a lot of thoughts to share ^-^ Also the feed back is always positive, and there are a lot of things others share that inspire me. I hope to do the same for you and others!
@T0R1L im new but ive been looking at your cards and you got some GOOD STUFF
Glad you enjoyed! ^-^
@T0R1L nice
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